An offshoot discipline to road racing, cyclo-cross is traditionally a winter sport, undertaken off road and used by road racers as a training activity in winter in the off season. Its governing body is British Cycling and, like its big brother, is a mass start event with categories for different age groups and experience, and ranging in duration from 10 minutes to an hour or more. Courses range from easy to challenging with hills, mud, hurdles and water to negotiate, with sections of on road and off road involved. It is an exciting sport, open both to novices and experienced cyclists and provides good bike handling skills training as well as cardiovascular workout. It has the enormous advantage of being off-road and therefore not having to contend with the inherent dangers of traffic. It is emminently suitable for younger age groups. The Central Cyclo Cross League from September to First week in December is the best way to get started in cyclo cross in our area. cyclo-x

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