Open Results 2011

27th Feb North Road CC Hardriders F7/25

Tim Davies 47:57 14th

13th March Lea Valley CC 25 miles E1/25B

Tim Davies 56:44 2nd

19th March A5 Rangers CC (Mids SPOCO) 31 miles NC3

Tim Davies 1:16:04 9th

20th March A5 Rangers Mike Lunn Memorial 10 miles N17/10

Tim Davies 23.30 5th

Dave Ford 31 +

Sarah Ashby 32 +

27th March IRC Open Sporting 30km F12/30

Tim Davies 44:42 8th

Richard Noon 51:41 29th

Colin Holmes 59:57 40th

Barry Gilzean 1:00:44 41st

Paul Valks & Michael Valks (Sussex Nomads CC) 53:58 11th 2up

3rd April VTTA (London & Home Counties) 10 miles H10/4

Michael Richardson 35:23 37th

3rd April Easterly RC (Hilly) (SPOCO SE) 25.2 miles E1/26A

Tim Davies 1:00:00 2nd

9th April Lea Valley CC 25 miles E2/25

Tim Davies 54:09 17th

Roger Queen 59:32 73rd

10th April IRC Interclub 10 miles F local

Tim Davies 21:52

Richard Noon 24.14

Martin Brooks 26.13

Simon Thomson 26.18

Alan Kemp 26.30

Rob Blackmore 27.20

Dave Ford 27.25

Colin Holmes 27.47

Tony Baines 28.16

Martin Neville 28.42

Sarah Ashby 30.13

Emma-Jane Burley 31.41

Steve Chapman 31.41

Maurice Burton 32.55

16th April Team MK 20 miles F5/20

Tim Davies 46:20 6th

17th April Beds Road CC 25 miles F1B/25

Roger Queen 59:13 26th

Colin Holmes 1:10:33 65th

Michael Richardson 1:22:13 70th

22nd April Welwyn Whs (Hilly) 26.2 miles F3/26

Tim Davies 1:04:24 4th

24th April Addiscombe CC 25 miles G25/45

Tim Davies 55:47 9th (1st rider off)

Peter Harridge 1:01:47 34th

Paul Valks (Sussex Nomads CC) 1:07:09 58th

30th April Team Cambridge 10 miles F2D/10

Tim Davies 21:12 3rd

Roger Queen 23:43 38th

30th April VTTA (Notts & E Mids) 25 miles A25/4

Peter Harriage 1:01:39 35th

1st May West London CA 25 miles H25/4

Michael Richardson 1:27:23 27th

8th May VTTA (East Anglia) 25 miles E2/25

Tim Davies 53:18 11th

Peter Harridge 57:30 55th

7th May Bossard Whs 10 miles F12/10

Neil Allonby 24:47 35th

David Ford 27:31 57th

John Pfeifer 27:35 58th

Sarah Ashby 29:32 66th

8th May Norland TT 30 miles F1/30

Tim Davies 1:07:57 9th

Roger Queen 1:11:13 18th

Michael Richardson 1:43:54 33rd

14th May Lea Valley CC 10 miles E2/10

Tim Davies 21:28 16th

Lea Valley CC MM 10 miles E2/10

Peter Harridge 23:56 10th

14th May Lampard RC 10 miles F12/10

Roger Queen 24:26 1st vet on std. 12th

Colin Holmes 28:16 26th

Dave Ford 28:16 27th

Sarah Ashby 31:03 32nd

Mike Richardson 34:54 34th

15th May Norland TT Combine 50 miles F1/50

Tim Davies 1:51:58 6th

John Pfeifer 2:21:15 61st

21st May North Road CC (London North Millennium 5 of 12) 25 miles F14/12

Roger Queen 1:02:11 1st on std. Hilly

29th May VTTA National Championship 30 30 miles H30/4

Tim Davies 1:09:14 1st Team. 24th on std. 4th

Roger Queen 1:14:04 1st team. 5th on std.

John Pfeifer 1:25:58 1st Team. 19th on std

29th May Holme Valley Whs 50 miles V250

Peter Harridge 2:14:21 11th 5th June

Hitchin Nomads CC MM 25 miles F1/25

John Pfeifer 1:11:02 31st

Colin Holmes 1:13:28 35th

Mike Richardson 1:31:24 40th

5th June RTTC Championship S40A/25

Peter Harridge 1:07:11 98th

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