Open Events 2012

Interclub 30. Well done to Richard Pratt.

Latest Club TT results A507 or Higher Berry Circuit Tim’s latest results.

Charity 10 Results


Road Race (closed circuit) Hillingdon Sat 25th Aug

  We are planning for at least 9 Club members to go to this event next Saturday. The Club would be very pleased if you were to come, and if you entered give you full support. Ray 19/08/12

Open 10 Mile Time Trial

Sat 8th Sept Open Charity 10mile F15/10 Brogborough (Solo, 2-up, Tandem) 12.00pm Peter Jones
Get your entry to Peter now using the correct cycling time trials form. Entry now closed. Start sheet in preparation. Everyone who entered gets a ride.  

Open 25 Mile Time Trial 1st July 2012

Thanks to all the marshalls and helpers at our event this morning. Big congratulations to the prize winners and Sky star Alex Dowsettfor breaking the course and event records with 47:53. More details – click HERE.

Tim Wins the Baxter & King Construction 3/4 Category Road Race 4th June 2012

Click to go to page. Lots of pictures thanks to Matt Gander. HERE Here’s a few

Open 25 July 1st 2012

The event went off fine, despite the fears of higher traffic due to the M1 closure and diverted traffic coming across to the A1. It was breezy from the SW and most competitor were a minute or more from their best. We were pleased to welcome 69 finishers and 2 tandems. Roll the Credits…Thanks to Andy Parrish on the result board Julie Marsden and Listy Williams in the tearoom Maurice Burton & Dick Copperwaite pushers-off Sandy RAB Dave Ford, John Pfeiffer, Alan Davies Black Cat RAB John Lee, Roy Porter & Roger Queen Buckden RAB Ray Morgan and Martin Neville Chris Pine number taker and time-relay Start Timekeeper : Peter Tasker Finish Timekeeper : Gordon Hart Without whom this event would not have been possible.   Congratulations to all winners, I will dispatch prizes & paper results to those that did not supply an email address, in 2 weeks time, when I get back from a bit of sunshine. And finally a big well done to Alex Dowsett for his event and course record of 47:53, beating the old record of 48:11 by Michael Hutchinson (whether Alconbury turn or otherwise)    
Pos Title First Name Surname Club Cat Actual Vets Plus
1 Mr Alex Dowsett Sky S 0:47:53 NA
2 Mr Ross Clarke Team MK – Corley Cycles, Body Limits, Abbeygate S 0:53:23 NA
3 Mr Sam Barker Planet X RT S 0:53:38 NA
4 Mr Adam Gascoigne Pedal Power Loughborough S 0:53:45 NA
5 Mr Matt Molloy Finsbury Park CC V 0:55:01 +11:37
6 Mr David Vaughan Shorter Rochford – Exclusive Ranges RT S 0:55:17 NA
7 Mr Tim Davies Icknield RC – Compomotive Wheels V 0:55:29 +11:21
8 Mr Peter Dixon Willesden CC V 0:56:04 +10:34
9 Mr Tom Boulton Finsbury Park CC V 0:56:14 +09:46
10 Mr Antony Brown Kettering  CC V 0:56:39 +11:38
11 Mr Tony Parks North Bucks Road Club V 0:56:51 +10:33
12 Mr Martin Long Kings Lynn CC S 0:57:19 NA
13 Mr Jeremy Hargrave Spalding CC S 0:57:20 NA
14 Mr David Nicholls Chelmer CC S 0:57:24 NA
15 Mr John Dowling Hemel Hempstead CC V 0:57:44 +11:07
16 Mr Martin Dossett Welwyn Whs V 0:57:55 +08:05
17 Mr Ian Bashford Old Portlians CC V 0:58:19 +10:44
18 Mr Daniel Babbs Chelmer CC S 0:58:19 NA
19 Mr Steve Clarke Team MK – Corley Cycles, Body Limits, Abbeygate V 0:58:29 +10:46
20 Mr Gavin Lewis North Roads CC S 0:58:48 NA
21 Mr Tony May North Roads CC V 0:59:05 +09:35
22 Mr Adrian Cox Baines Racing Silverstone V 0:59:11 +08:56
23 Mr Steve Goodbier Evesham & District Wheelers S 0:59:11 NA
24 Mr neil dowie Shorter Rochford Exclusive Ranges RT V 0:59:18 +07:43
25 Mr Dafydd Houston Peterborough CC S 0:59:22 NA
26 Mr Graham Painter Chelmer CC V 0:59:27 +06:46
27 Mr Andy Blower Cambridge CC S 0:59:36 NA
28 Mr Julian King Welwyn Whs V 0:59:40 +06:58
29 Mr Jon Friend Bedfordshire Road CC V 0:59:42 +07:31
30 Mr Geoff Bunyan Bossard Whs V 0:59:53 +08:14
31 Mr Stuart Jones Kettering CC V 1:00:09 +05:51
32 Mr Matt Chudley icycle V 1:00:13 +05:47
33 Dr Robert Saunders North Bucks Road Club V 1:00:15 +08:02
34 Mr Ian Markham Chronos RT V 1:00:16 +06:22
35 Mr Mark Horton CC Ashwell S 1:00:18 NA
36 Mr Paul Bachini Icknield RC – Compomotive Wheels S 1:00:29 NA
37 Mr Richard Hutt Lampard RC V 1:00:35 +08:05
38 Mr Ian Mead A5 Rangers CC V 1:00:55 +06:29
39 Mr Nicholas Coe Verulam CC V 1:00:56 +07:44
40 Mr Ian Fensom Spalding CC V 1:00:59 +07:18
41 Mr Ian Brazier Verulam CC V 1:01:06 +06:50
42 Mr Matthew Reader Verulam CC V 1:01:20 +05:06
43 Dr Robin Bevan Southend Wheelers V 1:01:24 +05:37
44 Mr Mark Booth Kettering CC S 1:01:46 NA
45 Mr Tony Marriott Hertfordshire Whs S 1:01:50 +04:23
46 Mr Jaroslav Zak Oxford University CC S 1:02:10 NA
47 Mr Jason Alderman Army CU V 1:02:19 +03:54
48 Mr Alex Peeke Welwyn Whs V 1:02:37 +03:23
49 Mr Neil Allonby Icknield RC V 1:02:55 +03:31
50 Mr Andrew Smith Team Milton Keynes V 1:03:59 +04:52
51 Mr Graham Pepperdine Verulam CC V 1:04:24 +03:10
52 Mr Peter Anstey Welwyn Wheelers V 1:04:29 +04:11
53 Mr Peter Walton Hertfordshire Wheelers V 1:04:43 +04:32
54 Mr Peter Rowe Southborough & Dist. Whs V 1:04:45 +02:49
55 Mr Ade Fadero Sussex Nomads CC V 1:05:15 +02:41
56 Mrs Marina Bloom Born to Bike, Bridgetown Cycles LV 1:05:29 +06:53
57 Mr Adam Butcher Peterborough CC S 1:06:06 NA
58 Mr Keith Fletcher Hemel Hempstead CC V 1:06:24 +03:04
59 Mr Murray Kirton A5 Rangers CC V 1:06:28 +06:51
60 Mr Brian Foran Lampard RC V 1:06:50 +01:27
61 Miss Ann Shuttleworth Chelmer CC LV 1:06:58 +05:24
62 Mr Stu Levene Whitewebbs CC V 1:07:41 -01:03
63 Mr Colin Holmes Icknield RC – Compomotive Wheels V 1:07:47 +04:45
64 Mr Tom Neill Icknield RC S 1:08:52 NA
65 Mr Richard Miller North Bucks Road Club V 1:11:43 -04:09
66 Mr Peter Horsnell Chelmer CC V 1:13:14 +06:32
67 Mr Mike Bloom Rugby RCC V 1:13:35 -00:16
68 Mr Richard Claxton VC Elan – Harry Perry Cycles V 1:13:44 -01:33
69 Mr Des Roberts Bedfordshire Road CC V 1:17:26 -07:58
Mr Barry Page Hertfordshire Wheelers V DNF
Mr Chris Dyason Viking Road Club V DNF
Mr David Robinson CC Ashwell S DNS
Mr Clive Faine Team MK – Corley Cycles, Body Limits, Abbeygate V DNS
Mr Alan Harvey Shorter Rochford – Exclusive Ranges RT V DNS
Mr Geoff Perry Team MK – Corley Cycles, Body Limits, Abbeygate V DNS
Mr Chris Symonds North Roads CC S DNS
Mr Bob Brabbins Bishops Stordford CC V DNS
Mr Ian Cammish citec tufo V DNS
Mr Jim Reed Colchester Rovers V DNS
Mr Luke Clarke Team MK – Corley Cycles, Body Limits, Abbeygate S DNS
Mr Stuart Clarke Chelmer CC V DNS
Mr Neal Marrin Finsbury Park CC V DNS
Mr Richard Burton Westerley CC V DNS
Mr Mark Solley Diss & District CC S DNS APOL
Dr Nigel Stephens Finchley RT V DNS APOL
Mr Merv Player Hertfordshire Wheelers V DNS APOL
Mr Antony Stapleton Chelmer CC V DNS APOL
Mr John Iszatt Team Vision Racing V DNS APOL
Mr Joey Halloran Cambridge CC S DNS APOL
Mr Neill Coventry St Ives CC Plastribution Ltd, Grafham Cycles, Techniflo Services Ltd V DNS APOL
91 Mr Jason Kemp Adalta Cycling Club V DNS APOL
1 Mr Mark Cook Bedfordshire Road CC TAN 0:56:13
1 Mr Dave Olney Bedfordshire Road CC TAN
2 Mr Chris Hopkinson Army CU TAN M 1:00:52
2 Miss Jenny Bonham Matlock CC TAN L

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